Eutelsat 7C is successfully launched

The satellite was lifted into space from French Guiana at 21:43 GMT on Thursday.

Manufactured by Maxar Technologies, Eutelsat 7C is a 3.4 tonne high-power broadcast satellite which will serve markets across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Turkey, through 49 36-Mhz equivalent Ku-band transponders. 

The satellite will be co-located with Eutelsat 7B at 7° East, increasing capacity by 19 transponders. It is due to enter into commercial service at the end of this year.

Eutelsat 7A, currently co-located with Eutelsat 7B, will be transferred to another orbital location for the remainder of its life, according to the satellite operator. 

The Eutelsat 7° East orbital position is currently used to transmit a number of pay and free TV channels, many originating from Turkey. The BBC World Service uses the soon-to-be-replaced Eutelsat 7A for a number of global radio feeds, which are expected to move across to the new satellite.

Rodolphe Belmer, Chief Executive Officer of Eutelsat, said: 
“Eutelsat 7C will allow us to further develop our 7° East video neighbourhood, with two co-located high-power satellites providing the best possible support to customers in this vibrant market. We are delighted to have benefited from Maxar’s state-of-the-art technology and to celebrate yet another successful launch with Arianespace.”

[Eutelsat Press Release]