PRICE RISE: BT TV to become more expensive

It will become more expensive to receive BT's YouView-based TV service from the end of next month.

BT has confirmed that many of its television subscribers will pay an extra £1 a month from 28th July 2019, with some packages increasing by significantly more, adding up to £48 to the annual cost of using BT TV.

Classic, Essential, Entertainment, Entertainment Plus and Sport Starter users will pay an extra £1 a month or £12 a year.

Those on the Entertainment Starter deal will see a £2 a month or £24 a year increase. Entertainment Max users will see the biggest increase of £4 a month or £48 a year.

As for those who have BT Broadband, but choose to only access BT Sport via the App, an extra £1 is being added to their bill, bringing the cost to £11 a month.

BT's TV service, which includes access to all of BT Sport's channels, is based on the YouView platform, which is a hybrid of Freeview and IP-delivered channels via broadband. It's expected that Sky's channels will shortly become available on BT TV, following a deal reached between the two pay TV giants back in December 2017.

  • Which BT TV packages are available, and what's the difference between them? It depends if you were a BT TV customer before August 2017, or joined later. BT have created a useful guide showing the different TV options, and which channels are available on which package, available on the BT website