Sony to revamp its channels AGAIN

Sony is to revamp its UK channel portfolio yet again: time to get used to some new names:

The company confirmed today it would ditch the True Channels brand in September and reinstate the Sony Channel brand it only axed last year. It comes just weeks after it reduced the availability of some of its channels on Freeview, axed True Crime and relegated Sony Crime Channel.

The changes - 10th September 2019
True Entertainment will become Sony Channel. Its current mix of aging US dramas will be enhanced with Charlie’s Angels, Starsky & Hutch, and something completely different: re-runs of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Movies4Men will rebrand as Sony Movies Action, while Sony Movie Channel becomes just Sony Movies.

Meanwhile, True Movies will ultimately become Sony Movies Classic from January 2020 after a seasonal rebrand to Sony Movies Christmas this autumn.

Sony Pictures Television has confirmed the channels will be available on major TV platforms, including Freeview. That's despite recent cuts to the channel portfolio on Freeview. Since the beginning of the month, Movies4Men is no longer broadcast in Wales on Freeview. True Entertainment and True Movies have had their coverage cut to only appear in local TV coverage areas, following a deal to piggyback on capacity for local TV.

Sony Crime isn't mentioned in the company's release - the channel was downgraded at the beginning of July after flopping within less than 18 months of launching. Sony also holds two Freeview EPG slots for the now defunct True Crime channel - the currently unused channel numbers 68 and 69.

Sony Pictures Television - under its Columbia Pictures Corporation division, who owns the broadcast licences - has made a large number of changes to its channel portfolio in the past 18 months,  including closing down TruTV UK, closing True Crime, relaunching it and closing it down again, replacing Sony Channel with Sony Crime Channel and selling off its music channels to Trace Music. 

Sony described the forthcoming rebrand as "exciting and significant."

[Image: SPT]

Article updated with rebrand date 10th September.