Travelxp withdrawn from the UK

(Updated article) Fourteen months after launching, Travelxp UK has closed - for the time being - with the cessation of broadcasts on Freeview.

The 24/7 travel channel, which has services around the world, was available on Freeview and YouView - originally on channel 98, later moving to channel 93.

The final programme - XP Guide - came to an end at 13:00, with the channel cut off during the closing credits.

Schedules consisted of a broad-range of back-to-back travel documentaries made specifically for Travelxp's various international outlets. During its last day on air, our observations confirmed Travelxp UK was not showing ads, but filling breaktimes with programme trailers.

Whereas many of its international outlets offered 4K UHD or HD versions, Travelxp remained only available in standard definition, and only in some areas on Freeview.

  • Update: Travelxp has confirmed that the UK service will return after a hiatus - this time via Sky.