Insight TV joins new LG Channels service

Viewers who lost access to the channel on Sky now have an alternative way to watch.

Insight TV, which specialises in action sports and outdoor lifestyle shows, has agreed terms to be carried on LG Channels in Europe, which delivers linear and on-demand content to newer LG Smart TVs.

This means Insight TV’s UHD content, based around global influencers and trending topics, will widen its reach in several European territories including the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.  

Insight TV’s channel will provide viewers with linear and on-demand options, allowing viewers to choose whatever and however they want to watch the channel.

The channel was withdrawn from Sky back in April 2019. Incidentally, due to Brexit, the channel, which is based in the Netherlands would have had to have obtained a UK broadcasting licence had it wished to remain on Sky.

Insight TV is also available on a number of other online platforms, including via its subscription video-on-demand service, which includes all of the broadcaster's premium content. Details here...

What is LG Channels and how do I get it on my LG Smart TV?
  • LG Channels is a free service powered by Xumo and is also known as 'Channels Plus'. 
  • It allows LG Smart TV users to access additional channels on top of any digital terrestrial (Freeview) or digital satellite (Freesat) channels available via an aerial or a dish. LG Channels are delivered via the internet.
  • LG Channels is being made available on 2019 model LG smart TVs running webOS 4.5 and above in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the UK. 
  • The service is available within the LG Content Store by searching for LG Channels and selecting install.
[source: Xumo]