Plusnet doubles BT Sport App cost

Plusnet customers have been informed of a large price hike if they want to continue accessing the BT Sport App.

Customers of BT's budget internet service provider have been receiving messages telling them that the price of the BT Sport App add-on will double from £5 to £10, effective 17th September 2019.

The add-on has 30-day contract period, meaning users do still have time to terminate the contract if they don't want to start paying the increased price.

BT sibling network EE, also charges a standard price of £10 for access to the app, although promotional offers are available, including (currently) a three month free period for new customers.

For users who get their broadband directly from BT, a £10 a month standard fee applies for the app, although a half price offer is available at the time of publication to its existing broadband customers, who haven't yet got access to the app.

The BT Sport App add-on is one of three options available to Plusnet customers wanting access to BT Sport.

Plusnet currently offers regular, linear access to BT Sport, plus access to the app from £5 a month via its YouView-based TV service. This cost is on top of the Plusnet TV subscription. To watch in HD, users must have also have added the HD channel pack at a cost of £3 a month. It is possible to access BT Sport 1 in standard definition at no extra cost with a Plusnet TV subscription.

The third option is to access BT Sport via Sky's digital satellite platform. It currently costs £9.99 a month for standard definition access and £12.99 for HD access. A rolling monthly contract applies.

There is currently no access to BT Sport Ultimate (4K UHD) via Plusnet.