Sky viewers baffled by FreeSports blue screen

Some Sky viewers have been left with a technical fault when trying view sports channel FreeSports.

According to viewer reports, the problem started on the 15th July, when the channel switched to all-HD distribution on Sky.

The fault means affected Sky viewers can only hear the audio but see no video, unless they record a programme and play it back. Otherwise they can only see a blue screen.

This is despite the channel operating as a free-to-air HD service and not requiring a Sky viewing card or active subscription to receive the service on satellite.

From reports, it only appears to affect a subset of Sky+HD receivers and affected viewers have now had to wait nearly three weeks without a full solution from Sky. The majority of Sky HD viewers appear to be unaffected by the change; legacy Sky SD users can no longer receive the channel.

Reception of other channels on the same transponder, including Quest HD and France24 HD are unaffected, forcing engineers to take a closer look at the make up of the FreeSports HD signal and how certain Sky+HD receivers behave.

It also doesn't affect FreeSports viewers in the Republic of Ireland, who have their own version of the channel, still broadcast in standard definition, but only available to Sky subscribers in the country.

A temporary workaround to manually tune into the standard definition free-to-air UK version of the channel no longer works, as the UK standard definition service was turned off at the end of last week.