Hochanda reinstates full-time hours on Freeview

Arts and Craft channel Hochanda has announced it is reinstating a full-time service on Freeview from October.

In an announcement to viewers, the channel confirmed it would be going 24/7 from 2nd October via Freeview channel 85.

In recent years, the channel has closed at 7pm, as part of a slot-share with Quest+1, which has taken  Hochanda's evening bandwidth since mid 2017. The slot-share is now expiring, with Quest+1 now moving to its own 24/7 slot.

Recently, Hochanda has got round the limitations by setting up an online stream option after 7pm, where compatible connected Freeview devices tuned to Freeview channel 85 switch to online delivery in lieu of the terrestrially delivered service.

Hochanda launched back in 2015, initially broadcasting on Freeview as a third-party service on the now defunct channel "The Store". It moved to channel 85 in 2016, before cutting its hours to daytime only on 1st June 2017. It justified the move at the time with statement on social media saying it had found many viewers had chosen to watch in the mornings.

In February this year, Hochanda announced that it had secured a seven-year Freeview carriage deal with multiplex operator SDN, allowing the channel to stay on the platform until at least 2026.

Hochanda's latest statement says:
We pride ourselves on being available across 50 million homes worldwide and continuously develop ways in which you can watch us anywhere, anytime. With this in mind, we’re delighted to announce that from Wednesday 2nd October, we will be broadcasting 24/7 on Freeview channel 85. You’ll still receive the same immersive viewing experience, just for 24 hours a day.