Meet the new Sony channels...

Sony has re-launched its entertainment and movie channels across all platforms this week in the latest major change for the broadcaster.

A turbulent two years for Sony Pictures Television has seen the broadcaster acquire, launch, merge, sell and close channels at a rate far higher than its competitors.

The latest change sees the True Channels brand it acquired when it took over CSC Media being axed, with classic entertainment channel True Entertainment now known as Sony Channel - not to be confused with the original Sony Channel that turned into Sony Crime last year. True Movies is now part of Sony Movies.

While the True Entertainment channel has received a new name, it's content is still broadly the same old material, albeit with some minor changes that have been slowly introduced in the past month, including the introduction of Classic Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Charlie’s Angels and Starsky & Hutch.

Ahead of the changes, Sony has made a few minor changes to where to find some channels, and not all are available in all areas on Freeview. Here's a guide to the channels and where to find them:

How to watch Sony Channel (formerly True Entertainment)
Sony Channel continues to be only available to some Freeview viewers, after Sony cut back on its national Freeview distribution earlier this year.  It will appear on Freeview channel 48 if you're in a coverage area (limited to a selection of towns and cities covered by a local TV service on Freeview channel 7 or 8).

Other platforms
  • Sky: 157
  • Freesat: 142
  • Virgin Media UK: 189
  • BT/TalkTalk/Plusnet: as Freeview

Sony Movies Christmas
Sony also gets to boast about the earliest Christmas rebrand: True Movies is now Sony Movies Christmas until the beginning of 2020, when it will turn into Sony Movies Classics.

Sony Movies Christmas will carry many of the seasonal made-for-TV that viewers will know from its predecessor True Christmas.

Sony Movies Christmas is only available in some areas on Freeview (the same areas that can receive Sony Channel on 48). You'll find it on channel 50 if you're in the coverage area.  If you can receive a local TV channel on either channel 7 or 8, you should receive the channel after retuning - Sony piggybacks off the local TV signal.

Other platforms
  • Sky: 319 
  • Freesat: 303 
  • Virgin Media UK: 424.
  • BT/TalkTalk/Plusnet: as Freeview

Sony Movies Action
Meanwhile, Sony Movies Action has taken over from the dated Movies4Men brand.

Available across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland on Freeview channel 40, viewers in Wales will only be able to access the channel if they receive transmissions from an English transmitter, as is the case in parts of North Wales and South East Wales.

Other platforms:

  • Sky: 323
  • Freesat: 305 
  • Virgin Media: 426
  • BT/TalkTalk/Plusnet: as Freeview

Sony Movies
The original Sony Movie Channel - now simply known as Sony Movies - continues unchanged on Freeview 32, Sky 321, Freesat 302 and Virgin Media 425.

Sony Crime
Finally, the rather unloved Sony Crime channel continues on Sky 179 and Virgin 193. Launched in a blaze of publicity only last year, replacing the original Sony Channel on Sky and Virgin, it lost its US and UK crime drama series in the summer, and continues as a true crime/reality channel, having absorbed sister channel True Crime (which in turn was a replacement for the now defunct TruTV UK channel).

  • All Sony channels are available free-to-air, but in standard definition only.