BEN TV changing Sky channel number

Channel change frees up desirable slot in Sky's top 99 channel listing.

BEN TV is a channel that targets viewers from West Africa living in the UK. It is now announcing via a very noticeable permanent on-screen message that it will soon be moving from its current slot on Sky channel 175 to channel 458.

A date isn't quoted, but it's expected to coincide with the end of the month.

With Sky effectively operating a top 99 channel list since last year, with entertainment, factual and lifestyle channels all vying for the best possible rank between 101 and 199 on the Sky EPG, the change paves the way for another broadcaster to reshuffle their own channel portfolio to optimise their position.

Any entertainment, lifestyle and factual channel that doesn't secure a top slot is allocated a number in the overspill section from channel 450.

BEN is also available on compatible connected Freeview devices via channel 264 (Vision TV).

**Update (December 2019): BEN TV's Sky service is currently not available.