Eurosport to tweet Tokyo Olympic highlights video

Highlights from the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics will be shown on Twitter thanks to a deal with Eurosport. But UK users will need to wait three hours...

Under the deal, Eurosport will post event highlights, including the main medal moments to the social media platform. There will also be live coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies.

But in the UK, the BBC has the primary rights for Tokyo 2020, with Eurosport holding sub-licensed rights. This means that Eurosport's UK twitter accounts won't be able to post highlights videos until three hours later, and Eurosport clips from its other country accounts may be geo-blocked.

The BBC has yet to confirm how it will distribute clips across social media, but recent events indicate the broadcaster will be able to offer a similar service to UK users via the BBC Sport social media feeds - with the advantage of the clips being ad-free, unlike the Eurosport offering, which is inviting sponsors.

Olympic clips will be available from Eurosport in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

With many of Tokyo 2020's key moments due to take place during the night or early morning UK time, mobile clips viewed in bed or on the morning commute seem likely to be popular.

A reminder that Eurosport's owner, Discovery, paid $1.45 billion for the European rights for the Olympics starting with PyeongChang 2018 and running through 2024. Events up to Tokyo 2020 are sublicensed from the BBC, as the BBC already secured Olympic broadcast rights until 2020 back in 2012, just before the momentous London 2012 games. In return for sub-licensing to Eurosport in 2020, Eurosport has sub-licenced the 2024 games to the BBC.