HBO/Sky deal confirmed

(Updated) Sky will continue to be the home of HBO following the confirmation of a new multi-year deal.

It follows the overnight announcement by HBO of a new slate of original programming launching next year as part of its new US streaming service HBO Max, including Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon, which viewers will be able to watch on Sky - broadcast date unknown.

As part of a wider deal with HBO parent WarnerMedia, content from HBO and HBO Max will appear on Sky's satellite and internet services in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy.

The move will continue the partnership that led to the creation of the Sky Atlantic channel, originally launched as "the home of HBO", securing a steady flow of new content for the channel.

The deal also includes further co-productions between the two broadcasters, building on the success of recent Emmy winning co-pro Chernobyl.

Details of the deal had  been leaked on various websites, with TBI reporting it's a five year deal.

Sky keeps first run Warner Bros movies and Turner channels

Updated 07:30 and 08:13 30/10/2019; first version published 21:35 29/10/2019.