ITV Hub hits 30m user mark

Love Island and the Rugby World Cup helped the ITV Hub break through the 30 million registered user mark this year.

Although the rate at which people have been registering with the ITV Hub has slowed down -  the 30 million reported this month is up 4 million from October 2018, compared to a 5 million increase in the preceding 12 months - ITV hadn't expected to reach 30 million so soon.

The majority of new users signed-up in June 2019 to watch or catch-up with Love Island - with 3.2 million additional registrations recorded.

Live streams of the Rugby World Cup have also proved popular, with the early starts encouraging viewers to stream the action to their mobile or tablet in bed or on their morning commute. ITV reported 20 million requests to their live streams for the Rugby.

ITV offers two versions of the Hub: a free version and a paid-for version, known as ITV Hub+. The latest information from ITV doesn't break down the figures between the two types.