VOD365 to launch new Freeview streamed channel

The operators of the Ketchup TV children's channel have announced a new service that will be launching on connected Freeview devices in spring 2020.

VOD365's new service will be called Yaaas! and will be aimed at kids aged 6-11. It's expected to launch in spring 2020 and will be available on multiple platforms including Smart TV’s , IP connected Set Top Boxes, Game Consoles, Tablets and Smart Phones.

According to the press release, Yaaas! will sit alongside its sister channel, Ketchup on Freeview channel number 213 and will also be available on YouView. Ketchup TV is on channel 211, so that leaves the currently un-utilised channel 212 unaccounted for.

The news was revealed as part of an announcement that confirmed that VOD365 had struck a deal with Aardman, meaning viewers will soon be able to enjoy adventures featuring Wallace and Gromit, Shaun The Sheep and Timmy Time.

VOD365 Founder and CEO, Paul Coster, said:
We are delighted to announce our partnership with Aardman and the addition of their internationally successful TV hits to the Ketchup channel. The channel continues to grow apace and as our line-up of globally recognised brands continues to expand we extend our offering to UK families who are taking advantage of accessing premium content which is subscription free.

  • FYI Ketchup TV and the soon-to-launch Yaaas! are streamed (MHEG-IC) channels on Freeview and require a compatible connected devices. Most devices from around 2012-2013 that conform to the Freeview HD standard and that are connected to the internet (at least 2.5Mbps download speed) will work. RXTV Log has spotted that some newer Freeview Play certified devices no longer support these streamed channels, as they've moved to supporting the newer HbbTV standard rather than MHEG-IC. 

[Image: Aardman/VOD365]