Xmas music channel arrives on Freesat

Seasonal music channel Christmas Starz has today joined the Freesat channel line-up. But it's one channel in, one channel out:

Users of Freesat - including those with TVs with built-in Freesat EPG support and those using dedicated Freesat boxes - will find Christmas Starz on channel 501. Older Freesat receivers may not update until early Tuesday morning.

Christmas Starz launched at the beginning of October, and is a seasonal reincarnation of the music channel Starz, now part of Trace Music's portfolio of channels.

To make way for Christmas Starz, The Vault has been removed from Freesat. The Vault combined music videos from the 90s and 00s with older Nickelodeon shows. However, the channel is days away from being revamped: at the end of the next week The Vault becomes Trace Vault, as part of a wider set of changes to Trace Music's channel portfolio, as previously logged on the RXTV Log.

From 1st November, Trace Music is replacing old channel brands The Vault, Chart Show TV and Chart Show Hits with Trace Vault, Trace Urban and Trace Latina. These channels are now currently only listed on Sky's Electronic Programme Guide, although they can be tuned in on any free-to-air satellite receiver.

Manual tuning details to keep viewing The Vault/Trace Vault
Users of free-to-air satellite receivers and Freesat receivers in so-called 'non-Freesat mode' can continue watching the channel using the following parameters:

  • Satellite: Astra 2F 28.2E
  • Frequency: 11344
  • Polarisation: Horizontal
  • Symbol Rate: 27500 (27.5Mbaud)
  • FEC: 5/6
  • SID: 53217
Information correct at the time of publishing. Satellite reception parameters may change with little or no notice.

[Sources: Feed monitor; Freesat EPG data]