BBC iPlayer to cease on one year old Samsung Blu-Ray players

Devices only a year old are among the products from Samsung that are losing access to the BBC iPlayer next week.

A number of Samsung Blu-ray players, Home Theatre products and Smart Freeview PVRs from the past decade will lose the BBC's online service from 6th December 2019.

The list of affected devices from the BBC includes the 2018 Samsung Ultra HD Blu-ray players UBD-N8500, UBD-N7500 and UBD-N6500.

Older devices include the 2012 Freeview HD smart PVR STB-E7500, which given its age is more likely to be incompatible with recent app developments. Various home theatre products plus Bluray devices from 2012 and later are included in the cull.

The BBC has justified the closure of iPlayer on these devices saying that the devices are "unable to support the technical requirements needed to keep BBC iPlayer going", although it hasn't said what the exact reason is. Samsung has not commented on the closure and why the iPlayer app on its Blu-ray devices is affected in this way.


Netflix is also making changes to its service from December, meaning that some devices won't be able access Netflix. A change to Digital Rights Management (DRM) means older Rokus and Samsung TVs will lose Netflix. However, a moderator on Samsung's user community forum has since confirmed no UK models will be impacted, contradicting earlier reports.