BT targets Disney+

BT confirms it's talking with Disney over the inclusion of Disney+ on BT TV. 

According to The Sunday Times, it's part of BT's plan to be a 'super-aggregator' of content, whereby users of its TV service would be able to access all major apps.

Marc Allera, head of BT’s consumer division, said the company was in talks with Disney and a number of other, unnamed providers about new services for BT TV.

Disney's streaming service Disney+ will launch in the UK at the end of March, but BT hopes it will be able to include the Disney+ app as part of its service delivered to customers via BT YouView boxes alongside the growing number of streaming apps already available to users, including Netflix and Amazon's Prime Video service.

Last week, BT announced a new arrangement that will allow customers to subscribe to a new Prime Video account and be billed for that account on their main BT bill.

Meanwhile, some BT TV users have recently spotted tests of Sky Sports via an update to the BT YouView version of the Now TV app, before the revised app was quickly withdrawn, according to customer support forum and social media posts. Until now, the version of the Now TV app on YouView has only included Sky Cinema. However, as part of the significantly delayed implementation of a cross-supply deal between BT and Sky announced nearly two years ago, the full Now TV service should be delivered to BT TV receivers soon.