C4 joins BritBox: reports

Channel 4 is due to become the last of the main national public service broadcasters to support BritBox.

Ahead of the official launch of the subscription video-on-demand service, it's been reported by The Guardian that Channel 4 would be contributing programmes to the new service.

It comes 24 hours after Channel 4's Chief Executive Alex Mahon told delegates at the Outside the Box conference in London that the broadcaster was in "constructive discussions" over Channel 4's participation in the project.

BritBox UK, currently in beta-testing but on the verge of going into regular service, will house a library of programmes from the public service broadcasters that have typically passed a one year broadcast window on the broadcaster's own video-on-demand service.

ITV is the largest shareholder in the project. BritBox originally launched in North America as a collaboration between the BBC and ITV, offering on-demand access to British TV programmes across the Atlantic.

During the summer, the BBC was given Ofcom's green light to participate in the UK version of the service, in conjunction with changes to the time period programmes would remain available on iPlayer.

In September, it was confirmed that Channel 5 would be offering box sets of its programmes via BritBox.