Changes to Film4+1 and More4+1 on Freeview

There's been changes to the availability of Film4+1 and More4+1 on Freeview following a configuration change this morning.

Both channels are moving to different Freeview capacity, meaning viewers may need to retune to continue watching the services.

On older TVs and boxes, a full retune may be required (any option to 'add channels' should be avoided), while newer Freeview Play receivers will automatically make the changes.

Film4+1 on channel 45 has been previously universally available on Freeview. With the change, viewers who only receive a limited number of Freeview channels via a local relay will no longer receive the channel. They can, however, continue to watch the main Film4 channel via Freeview channel 15 or catch-up on Film4 online via Channel 4's on-demand portal All 4.

More4+1 on channel 86 has been previously available to all viewers with a newer Freeview HD or Freeview Play compatible device. More 4+1 will only be available in areas with the full set of Freeview channels from now on. As a rule of thumb, if BBC News HD is available on channel 107, then More4+1 will be available after a retune.

Once a retune has been completed, the old versions of Film4+1 and More4+1 will be slotted to channels 790 and 791, at the bottom of the channel list. Channel 4 has confirmed that the simulcast of Film4+1 will end on the 11th November.

At midday on the 14th November, Channel 4 will be changing E4+1's Freeview slot, leading to a further retune being needed then.

Technical description for installers:

  • Channel 45 - Film4+1 has moved from PSB2 - D3&4 to COM5 - Arqiva
  • Channel 86 - More4+1 has moved from PSB3 - BBC to COM7 - Arqiva

Updated to add that Channel 4 has confirmed the simulcast of Film4+1 ends on 11th November 2019.