Freeview changes for the Dundee and Perth area

Freeview viewers in the Angus, Dundee and Perth areas are affected by the latest frequency clearance.

The Government-backed programme to clear the airwaves for more 5G services has reached the last main transmitter site in Scotland, forcing changes to the way Freeview is broadcast in the area.

Between 00:30 and 06:00 on Wednesday 27th November 2019, Freeview services will be switched-off. After 06:00, viewers are invited to retune to restore missing channels, which will have moved to new frequencies. Viewers in outlying areas receiving from a relay may need to wait until later in the day before all services are restored.

To assist viewers, Freeview is offering information via its website and its freephone advice line: 0808 100 0288.

With support from the mobile network operators who will benefit from the changes, any household that solely relies on Freeview and who can't restore the main five channels after retuning can get extra help. In the first instance, affected users are invited to call the Freeview advice line who will initially check a retune has been done correctly. Where it's determined an engineer should visit, householders will be referred for a home visit appointment.

The Angus transmitter frequency clearance event is the last one for 2019. Clearance events continue in February 2020, with localised Freeview retunes in Northern England and from March 2020 also in Northern Ireland and the East Midlands. As the former TV frequencies are auctioned off by Ofcom in the spring, the final clearance events are due in April 2020.