Ofcom complaints: Virgin Media falls short in pay TV and mobile

Based on the number of complaints received by Ofcom per 100,000 customers, Virgin Media has been named most complained about pay TV and mobile provider.

Ofcom data for the second quarter of 2019, published today, revealed Virgin Media generated the highest volume of pay TV complaints per 100,000 subscribers. Four in ten of Virgin Media complaints were about complaints handling (40%). The other main drivers of Virgin Media complaints included issues relating to billing, pricing and charges (22%) and faults, service and provisioning issues (22%).

BT fell back to the position of second most complained about pay TV provider after being most complained about provider in previous periods.

Sky generated the fewest complaints.

Among mobile operators providing a pay monthly service, Virgin was again most complained about, ahead of Vodafone and BT Mobile, who also generated above average numbers of complaints per 100,000 customers to Ofcom.

Tesco Mobile was least complained about, followed by iD, EE, Three, O2 and Sky Mobile, who also generated relatively few complaints to Ofcom.

Plusnet was most complained about landline service and Vodafone generated the highest number of complaints per 100,000 customers for its home broadband service.

The figures do not include complaints about providers that haven't been escalated to Ofcom. It should be noted that Ofcom can't handle every type of complaint it gets, but does actively monitor numbers.