TBN secures BBC multiplex slot

Religious TV channel TBN UK has confirmed it is moving to a new slot on Freeview.

In a message posted on its social media outlets, the UK outlet of the Trinity Broadcasting Network announced it is moving to the BBC-owned PSB3 multiplex.

For viewers this will mean a retune in the coming days to continue receiving TBN on Freeview 65, although older Freeview receivers won't be able to tune in to the channel.

That's because PSB3, also known in the trade as BBC-B, is the Freeview multiplex used to deliver the signals of the main five channels in HD and as such any channels on the multiplex require a Freeview HD, Freeview Play or YouView receiver to watch.

TBN will move in early December. (Update: A simulcast of TBN on both old and new slots to give viewers time to retune was provided but ended on 6th January.)

TBN's move will give the channel a technical universal Freeview coverage of all of the 98.5% of households that live within range of a Freeview signal, providing viewers have a compatible receiver to watch.

Since 2009, the PSB3 multiplex has been opened up to non-BBC channels, originally for an Ofcom backed scheme to create room for the simulcast of all of the main five channels in HD. BBC Free-to-view Ltd, which operates the multiplex, has in the past made multiple advertisements for available capacity to commercial broadcasters. Until earlier this month, Channel 4 carried More4+1 on this multiplex. The main BBC standard definition multiplex (PSB1-BBC-A) is not open to non-BBC channels.