Boxing Day streaming gripes for UK users

It was meant to be a big day for streaming: but users have complained with issues on both Amazon Prime Video and BritBox UK.

The second round of Premier League matches to be shown by Amazon this season on Prime Video got underway at 11:30am on Boxing Day.

The main gripe being reported was latency, with users noticing that the Amazon Prime feed was at times substantially behind the actual live feed, with bookmaker Paddy Power joining in the action, quipping during the Tottenham game "Goal! Kane puts Spurs ahead! Or, if you're watching on Amazon Prime, there's a goal coming in 5 mins or so."

A number of users complained of poor picture quality and buffering, although this didn't affect all viewers, so it was difficult to rule out network traffic or hardware issues between the user and Amazon.

Pubs and other commercial premises got to access the live Amazon games via a special satellite feed in association with BT Sport Business.

And it was meant to be a big day for BritBox with the launch of several decades worth of Classic Doctor Who.

But users of the service encountered widespread problems with signing in, with error messages galore.

The ITV-led video-on-demand service, of which the BBC also owns a 10% share, had been heavily trailing the Boxing Day arrival of Classic Doctor Who.

BritBox said it was aware of issues causing the service to crash, with the "tech department resolving this".