How to access Amazon's Premier League coverage

Amazon holds the rights to five days of Premier League action during December. For many, access to the games will be free of charge, but you'll need to check if your device is compatible.

Premier League games on 3rd, 4th and 5th December, plus 26 and 27th December will be exclusively live on Amazon's Prime Video service in the UK.

A full list of matches being shown is listed below, including those being broadcast in UHD. In addition to showing the matches live, replays will be available on-demand from midnight.

Those who already have Amazon Prime, for example to benefit from one-day delivery, will be able to access the live games at no extra cost.

For new Amazon customers, a 30-day free trial is available (£7.99 a month thereafter), which will cover both sets of live matches for anyone signing-up for the trial before the first game kicks off on the 3rd December.

Accessing the service
Only commercial premises (pubs and clubs) will be able to access the games via satellite in the UK.
Everyone else in the country will need to stream the matches online via Amazon.

  • You will need an internet speed of at least 1Mbps to watch in standard definition. On connections of more than 5Mbps, the picture should automatically switch to HD. A small selection of games will be available in 4K UHD on compatible devices.

  • Sky: not available. Use a smart TV, dongle or streaming box to access the games on your TV. 
  • Virgin Media: Go to channel 205 to load the Prime Video app. If you already have an Amazon account, e.g. for physical goods, you can use this to access the service. If you have Amazon Prime, then the games will be available at no extra cost.
  • BT TV and TalkTalk TV: Use the Prime Video app on your YouView box (Apps section). If you already have an Amazon account, e.g. for physical goods, you can use this to access the service. If you have Amazon Prime, then the games will be available at no extra cost.
  • Freeview and Freesat: Prime Video isn't a regular TV channel. But are you watching Freeview or Freesat on a smart TV? Or do you have a Chromecast, Roku (newer model), Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV stick or a PS3, PS4 or Xbox One games console? You'll be able to access Prime Video on many of these devices.  More details...
  • I don't use any of the above TV platforms: You can access the live games via the latest version of the Amazon app on iOS and Android platforms, as well as on Roku (newer models), Amazon Fire TV sticks, PS3, PS4, Xbox One (not 360) or Apple TV.  More details...

Devices that can't run the live Premier League games from Prime Video
The following devices don't support the Digital Rights Management that is in place for the live Premier League games, so don't use the Prime Video app on these devices:
X  Roku (2014 and earlier models, excluding Roku 3)
X  Sony Bravia (most 2015 and pre-2015 models)
X  Sony Bravia Blu-Ray Disc Player
X  LG Hawaii TVs (2015 and earlier models)
X  Xbox 360
X  Nintendo Wii/Wii U

Which Premier League matches will be live on Amazon Prime Video in December 2019?
(Kick-off times in brackets) Replays of all games available on-demand from midnight into the following day. UHD games on compatible devices that support 4K streaming (e.g. Virgin V6, YouView 4K UHD boxes)

Tuesday 3rd December 2019
  • Crystal Palace vs Bournemouth (7:30pm GMT)
  • Burnley vs Man City (8:15pm GMT)  UHD

Wednesday 4th December 2019
  • Chelsea vs Aston Villa (7:30pm GMT)
  • Leicester vs Watford (7:30pm GMT)
  • Man Utd vs Spurs (7:30pm GMT)
  • Southampton vs Norwich (7:30pm GMT)
  • Wolves vs West Ham (7:30pm GMT)
  • Liverpool vs Everton (8:15pm GMT) UHD

Thursday 5th December 2019
  • Sheffield Utd vs Newcastle (7:30pm GMT)
  • Arsenal vs Brighton (8:15pm GMT) UHD

Thursday 26th December 2019
  • Tottenham vs Brighton (12:30 GMT)
  • Bournemouth vs Arsenal (3pm GMT)
  • Aston Villa vs Norwich (3pm GMT)
  • Chelsea vs Southampton (3pm GMT)
  • Crystal Palace vs West Ham (3pm GMT)
  • Everton vs Burnley (3pm GMT)
  • Sheffield Utd vs Watford (3pm GMT)
  • Man Utd vs Newcastle (5:30pm GMT)
  • Leicester vs Liverpool (8pm GMT) UHD

Friday 27th December 2019
  • Wolves vs Man City (7:45pm GMT)  UHD