iPlayer to improve promotion of live streams during events

Changes to the iPlayer will improve signposting of live content during special events.

Major live news, sport and music events are to be made more prominent on the BBC iPlayer service with the aid of a new 'hero' screen, according to Broadcast.

  • In web design, a hero refers to a large banner with an image and text, near the top or centre of the webpage.

The hero screen will draw user's attention to live feeds available from the BBC, for example when multiple feeds are broadcast from Glastonbury and Wimbledon, or various live Election feeds. 20% of iPlayer viewing comes from live streaming programmes, according to the report, a stat that's likely to increase in 2020, aided by Euro 2020 and the Olympics.

It's expected to be part of the major revamp of the iPlayer, due next year, that will also include the standard programme availability extension to 12 months.

The development coincides with corporation's push to a single television app on connected TVs and boxes, with the new BBC Red Button+ function taking viewers to live news, sport and music feeds being streamed via the iPlayer. (Older and non-connected receivers will continue to access a single curated feed of extra content via the BBC RB1 through the red button.)