iPlayer: trouble for Samsung smart TV and Fire Stick 4K users

Samsung smart TV and Amazon Fire Stick 4K users have encountered issues with the BBC iPlayer.

The BBC says some Samsung smart TVs need to get new firmware in order to continue to support the iPlayer, which should be automatically downloaded to affected TVs by Samsung.

Samsung says the issue is linked to expiring security certificates. The BBC has indicated Samsung should have issued the update earlier, which could have avoided the issue affecting viewers.

Some 2013 TV models are still awaiting an automatic update, but it is possible to update those TVs manually. The BBC is referring affected users to Samsung UK support.

Earlier this month, the iPlayer ceased to function on a range of Samsung Blu-Ray players, including those only a year old, because they no longer support the iPlayer's "technical requirements".

Meanwhile, the BBC has had to disable UHD content on Amazon Fire Stick 4K. It follows user feedback  where many respondents reported to the BBC that they were seeing a large BBC logo flash across the screen. The BBC isolated this to an issue on the device that occurs when it tries to adapt to accommodate different broadband speeds. During that investigation the broadcaster also found issues with colour rendition and incorrect frame rates resulting in motion blurring. 

It says it's working with Amazon to restore UHD functionality, but viewers can in the meantime continue to watch iPlayer content in HD.

Other 4K UHD devices supported by the iPlayer don't have this issue.