Pluto ends 2019 with even more channels

Free streaming service Pluto TV has this week announced the arrival of six new channels to viewers in the UK.

But on top of those officially announced by Pluto TV are a number of additional services that have sneaked their way onto the channel line-up in the last three weeks.

The Viacom-owned service specialises in providing niche/specialist channels across a range of genres.

New, announced services include:
Pluto TV Action
...a channel that promises "adrenaline filled block­busters, energetic stars, and a strong dose of high-octane excitement."

Pluto TV Sci-Fi fiction and fantasy movies that present visions of the future and apocalyptic worlds, as well as the best TV series in the galaxy, available at warp speed, 24 hours a day.

Pluto TV Thrillers
...a dedicated thriller channel that does not venture into pure horror – it is for those who prefer chills over scares.

Get.Factual promises to bring documentaries with "thrilling perspectives about history and culture. Secrets will be exposed, and no question will be left unanswered as this channel covers topics like the story of Australia, the Middle Ages and the ascent of civilization."

Pluto TV Family
... joins Pluto TV’s growing line-up for kids and family, offering animated adventures to classic comedies.

Strongman Champions League channel (from next week)
...The strongest and best athletes in the world compete against each other over the course of 16 stages throughout the year. Series 15 and 16 of Strongman will get things started on December 23rd with more series added later.

Channels that have also been added to the UK channel list, without an announcement include a Cookalong channel (503), a Fishing channel (604) and a Mario and Sonic channel on 1012.

Featured new channels reside temporarily at the top of Pluto TV's list just below 100 before being allocated a regular slot. Last month's new Christmas-themed additions are now on 250-253 (see list below).

Olivier Jollet, Managing Director Europe at Pluto TV said:
“We’ve come a long way since launching in the UK in late 2018 and are now proud that we are offering our viewers more thematic channels than ever for them to enjoy wherever they are and whatever they feel like. We are looking forward for our audience to ending their year with our vast programming and kick-start the new decade with us.”

The current Pluto TV UK line-up is as follows:

95 Get.Factual
96 Pluto TV Family
97 Pluto TV Sci-fi
98 Pluto TV Thrillers
99 Pluto TV Action
100 Pluto TV Movies
102 Pluto TV Retro Movies
105 Pluto TV Indies
110 Pluto TV Romance
115 The Asylum
116 Pluto TV Westerns
200 Pluto TV Drama
205 Pluto TV Retro Drama
208 21 Jump Street
210 Hunter
215 Degrassi
250 Pluto TV Christmas
251 Pluto TV Mistletoe
252 Holiday Lights
253 Fireplace
300 Pluto TV Reality
302 Ice Pilots
303 Nosey
304 Awesomeness TV
305 Fear Factor
400 Pluto TV Crime
405 Forensic Files
408 FBI Files
410 Unsolved Mysteries
420 Ghost Dimension
421 Pluto TV Paranormal
422 Pluto TV Conspiracy
423 Pluto TV Documentary
424 Pluto TV Grapevine
425 Pluto TV Explore
426 Pluto TV Nature
428 Pluto TV Animals
429 Pluto TV Science
430 Voyager Documentaries
431 Pluto TV Space
432 Pluto TV History
433 Pluto TV Biography
435 Pluto TV Inside
444 Pluto TV Motor
445 Fifth Gear
470 My5 Crime
475 My5 Documentaries
480 My5 GPs Behind Closed Doors
502 Pluto TV Food
503 Pluto TV Cookalong
505 Gusto TV
510 Worst Cooks In America
515 Homes under the Hammer
516 Pluto TV Homes
520 Pluto TV Weddings
600 Pluto TV Sports
604 Pluto TV Fishing
605 Pluto TV Action Sports
606 Pluto TV Surf
610 Pluto TV Fight
615 Glory Kickboxing
620 World Poker Tour
800 IGN Walkthrough
805 Minecraft TV
900 Pluto TV Comedy
902 Pluto TV Stand Up
903 Pluto TV Classic TV
904 Beverly Hillbillies
905 Rifftrax
910 MST3K
915 Failarmy
920 The Pet Collective
921 Dogs 24/7
1000 Pluto TV Kids
1005 Pluto TV Kids Learning
1010 Inspector Gadget
1011 Sabrina
1012 Mario Sonic
1015 Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds
1017 Pluto TV Retro Toons