UKTV shuffles satellite channels; some viewers affected

UKTV, the owner of channels including Gold, Alibi, W and Dave, is reshuffling its satellite capacity.

As a result, a small number of Sky subscribers have reported losing some timeshift channels including Gold+1 (channel 210). Most receivers will adjust automatically, but affected receivers should be rebooted to restore services.

If you happen to watch these channels outside of the UK and Ireland with a Sky box you've taken abroad, you may lose access to these channels.

These technical changes won't result in any channel number changes.

Following the split of UKTV earlier in 2019, with Really, Home and Good Food being sold off to Discovery (and Good Food subsequently being absorbed into Food Network UK), the remaining part of UKTV is reorganising its satellite capacity.

UKTV channels were previously broadcast over two satellite transponders on Astra 28.2E on frequencies 11523H and 12129V.

12129V has a smaller reception area compared to 11523H, covering just the UK and Ireland plus parts of the near continent, making it suitable to carry UKTV's free-to-air channels.

Last month, 12129V was reconfigured. On 1st December, services started to move across to use capacity previously used by Really and Home (which moved out after the sale to Discovery), plus extra capacity created by changing the way the signal is broadcast.

This means that alibi+1, Dave (Ireland version), Dave ja vu (Dave+1), Eden+1 and Gold+1 have now moved from 11523H to 12129, with Yesterday+1 next to move. Gold SD, alibi SD and W SD will be cleared from 11523H next week, with three slots taken up on 11082H to accomodate these services that won't fit on 12129V.

This will leave 11523H available for other usage in the future.