Vevo music channels coming to Samsung Smart TVs

Music video platform Vevo has announced its linear channels will now be available on Samsung Smart TVs.

They're joining Samsung TV Plus, the linear TV service built-in to all 2016 and newer Samsung Smart TVs and delivered via the internet.

Beginning with Vevo Pop, the Vevo Hip-Hop, Vevo Country, Vevo Latino, Vevo R&B channels will launch on Samsung TV Plus at a later date. 

Kevin McGurn, Vevo’s President of Sales and Distribution said:
With over 2.3 billion monthly global views on TV we are hyper focused on our OTT packaging and distribution strategy. With the largest library of ad-supported music videos we continue to re-define the return of music videos to the living room for our audience and customers. As a global leader in TV, Samsung is an ideal partner for us to enhance our offering; with their scale and reach the Samsung TV Plus service represents enormous opportunities for our clients and partners.

What is Samsung TV Plus and why do viewers have a love/hate relationship with it?
TV Plus offers extra linear TV channels delivered via the internet to all new Samsung Smart TV, turning Samsung from a manufacturer of TVs to a TV platform manager, enabling mostly niche channels to go straight to audiences without having to secure satellite or terrestrial capacity on existing TV platforms to reach viewers.

But TV Plus is somewhat of a Marmite service: either you enjoy the extra free channels on your TV, especially if you've opted to ditch the aerial or satellite altogether, or you're among those wishing it was easier to permanently delete the app from the TV and remove the channels. Many have got frustrated at the TV defaulting to the TV Plus channels, even when you're watching something via an external source, as this lengthy thread on Samsung support shows...

TV Plus is on top of any Freeview or Freesat channels you can receive on a Samsung TV (some models have tuners for terrestrial, cable and satellite). However, Samsung is the only major TV manufacturer that doesn't support Freeview Play and no longer displays the Freeview logo on newer TVs - this means although Freeview channels can be received via an aerial, you won't get the same experience as on other devices.

Alternatives to TV Plus
LG has a similar concept, albeit with different services, called LG Channels on its newest smart TVs, offering extra linear content alongside all the main on-demand apps.

LG also supports Freeview Play and Freesat (although you can't have easy access to both sets of channels at the same time, i.e. they are not on the same channel list and there is no button that allows you to toggle between the two).

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