Vodafone adds Apple TV to broadband packages

Vodafone is now offering an Apple TV 4K box and Apple TV+ subscription with its broadband service.

Most major broadband providers now offer some sort of television service alongside their internet service. Until now, Vodafone has been the exception - having previously scrapped plans for its own IP television service.

From today, it's offering customers an Apple TV 4K box with a one year Apple TV+ subscription (£4.99 a month after the free period ends) with its new 'extra' packages, which add an extra £8 a month to Vodafone's standard broadband pricing on the Superfast 1 and 2 price tiers.

Superfast 1 Extra is available for the standard price of £31 a month to non-Vodafone mobile customers.

And for Vodafone customers who want to bundle mobile with home broadband, the Vodafone Together service also includes the Apple TV offer, with plans starting from £54 a month.

Those who already have Vodafone broadband should note that switching to an Extra package means moving to a longer, 24 month contract.

Apple TV 4K includes apps from all major broadcasters alongside the recently launched Apple TV+ service and is suitable for viewers who want to ditch the aerial or satellite dish, although not all live linear channels are available, of those that are, users will need to jump from app to app to access them.