Yaaas arriving on Freeview

New streaming service Yaaas will launch on Freeview channel 212.

The new service for children, available on compatible connected Freeview devices, was first announced by operator VOD365 in October.

At the time, VOD365's press release said the service would launch in Spring 2020 and on channel 213.

The addition to Freeview on Thursday 5th December comes prior to its actual launch date, which hasn't yet been confirmed by VOD365, but will be soon to secure the Freeview channel number. Yaaas will be accompanied in due course by apps for mobile and tablet devices.

Yaaas will target 6-12 year olds and sit alongside existing service Ketchup TV, which focuses on preschool children. On-demand content will be streamed to viewer's devices.

  • Yaaas incidently is a word used to express extreme excitement, usually followed by a swift fist pump...

Updated 15:58