Apple TV coming to LG Smart TVs in 2020

Users of the newest LG Smart TV models will soon have access to Apple TV on their devices.

It's been confirmed by LG this week that Apple TV will be rolled out on 2018, 2019 and 2020 smart TV models through an update to the webOS LG TV platform that will be issued this year.

Last year, Samsung became the first major smart TV manufacturer to include the app on its newest models in the UK. Apple TV is also available on a number of plug-in streaming devices.

Apple TV on smart TVs provides access to the Apple TV+ service, plus the ability to watch TV shows purchased through iTunes.

Meanwhile, Apple has also indicated that Apple TV will also become available on some Sony TVs during the course of 2020 this year, although more detailed information on which models will get the update isn't yet available.

Apple has published a list of current devices that support the Apple TV app on its website.