Ofcom reveals pay TV, broadband and phone complaints trends

In its latest quarterly league tables regarding pay TV, broadband, phone and mobile complaints, Ofcom confirmed the most complained about pay TV provider was... 

Virgin Media, which remained the most complained-about pay TV provider, with handling of complaints being the primary reason. Sky continued to attract the least complaints for pay TV.

The quarterly report reveals the number of complaints made to Ofcom between July and September last year, about firms that provide home broadband, landline telephone, pay-monthly mobile and pay TV. Ofcom includes all providers with a market share over 1.5%.

Ofcom Pay TV complaints Q3 2019: Virgin 14 complaints per 100,000 customers; BT 12 per 100,000, TalkTalk 8 per 100,000, Sky 2 per 100,000
The regulator reported an small overall increase in the relative number of complaints it received for broadband, mobile and pay TV compared to last quarter – but figures for landline services broadly stayed the same.

Vodafone was the most complained-about broadband provider for the second quarter in a row. As in last quarter, the main driver of Vodafone’s complaints was faults, service and installation problems. EE and Sky attracted the least complaints among broadband providers.

Vodafone and TalkTalk were the most complained-about landline providers, closely followed by Plusnet. Faults, service and provisioning issues were the main driver of these complaints about Vodafone.

Vodafone and Virgin Mobile were the most complained-about mobile providers – the main reason being complaints handling. Tesco Mobile was the least complained-about pay-monthly mobile provider, while EE attracted the fewest complaints among landline providers.

Fergal Farragher, Ofcom’s Director of Consumer Policy said:
People have never had more choice in the phone and broadband markets. It’s also never been easier to switch your service. So companies that don’t prioritise great service could see customers leaving them for ones that do.

Although Ofcom cannot resolve individual complaints, it does offer consumer advice and the information it receives can lead to it launching investigations.

Anyone experiencing problems should complain to their provider first. If they are unhappy with the outcome, people can take the complaint to an independent ombudsman, who will look at the case and make a judgement on it.