Paramount UK's unexpected channel upgrade on cable; MTV Classic replaces VH1

Paramount Network's new Virgin Media channel slot has taken the broadcaster by surprise, with the newly revamped channel getting an expected channel upgrade.

The channel, which effectively took over from 5Spike overnight, was being advertised as appearing on 5Spike's old cable TV slot, channel 154.

In fact, viewers can now see the channel in HD on the higher ranking channel 150, after the HD version of Channel 5, previously on that slot, moved to channel 105. Paramount SD is found on channel 187.

Paramount Network UK took over the old 5Spike TV Twitter feed overnight, announcing the changes:

Meanwhile, MTV Classic has taken over the slot left behind by VH1 UK on Virgin Media, taking channel 316.

Comedy Central and MTV has also seen some changes, with the HD versions of the channels now being prioritised in the channel list:
  • 132 is now Comedy Central HD. SD is now on 181.
  • 134 is now MTV HD. SD is now 183.

As Comedy Central HD isn't in the same number of subscription packages as the SD channel, some viewers will need to go lower down the channel list to find the SD channel if their subscription level doesn't clear the HD channel.