ViacomCBS makes changes to its Sky & Freesat channels

Following the effective merger of 5Spike and Paramount, viewers will now find some services in new places.

5Spike is no more - its programming has moved over to Paramount Network UK. At the same time, sister channel VH1 UK has also closed, following an ill-fated flip from music to entertainment programming in 2018.

On Sky, Paramount Network has moved to channel 150, taking over 5Spike's old slot. 5Select - a channel that offers a repeat chance to catch-up on Channel 5's programmes, has in turn moved from channel 159 to 153 to take Paramount's old slot. VH1 on channel 160 has closed, another channel hasn't yet shuffled up to fill the slot.

Over on Freesat, 5Spike's slot on channel 142 is now taken by timeshift channel 5STAR+1, which makes a return to the platform. Paramount remains on channel 132.

150 Paramount  (was 153)
153 5Select (was 159)
159 - currently blank
160 - currently blank following the end of VH1

132 Paramount (no change)
142 5STAR+1 (returns to Freesat)