All change for Freeview shopping channels

Create and Craft, Jewellery Maker and Sewing Street have all made changes to the way they are broadcast on Freeview - leaving some without reception.

The changes took place at 1pm on Wednesday 26th February and will require some viewers to retune their TV or box.

Here's how the changes affect each channel:

Sewing Street (now Shopping Quarter)

Sewing Street, which earlier this month rose out of the ashes of Sewing Quarter, has now become part of Shopping Quarter, on Freeview channel 74. Sewing programmes will be broadcast every morning between 8am and 1pm. In the afternoon and evening, the channel will show programmes from Jewellery Maker.

Not all viewers will be able to receive the channel going forward, even after retuning - those that can need to have a Freeview HD compatible receiver and live in an area where additional Freeview channels, including BBC News HD (channel 107) are being broadcast.

Jewellery Maker

Jewellery Maker has split its service on Freeview.

Viewers will be able to see Jewellery Maker between 8am and 1pm on Freeview channel 73 and from 1pm until 10pm via Shopping Quarter on Freeview channel 74.  As before, the service on channel 74 is not available in all areas.

Create and Craft

Create & Craft has changed the way it is broadcast on Freeview channel 23.To continue watching, a retune may be required.

Depending on the type of receiver, Create & Craft may reappear in the 800 channel range, but a full retune or factory reset should reinstate the channel on 23.

Frequently asked questions:

Why can't I find these channels on the Freeview App?

Not all Freeview channels are available via the Freeview App. You can check to see which channels are available via our Channel Lists page: select the relevant part of the UK you are in and look for the following symbol: ▶️ 

I have a Freeview HD TV. Why can't I receive the sewing on Shopping Quarter?

In addition to requiring a TV or box that supports Freeview HD, you also need to be in the coverage area of the channels. As they have lower UK coverage than before, some viewers will no longer be able to receive them via Freeview.  To check which channels should be available at your address, please visit

I have BT TV or TalkTalk TV. Does this affect me?

BT TV and TalkTalk TV use the Freeview signal, so reception of these channels is dependant on Freeview coverage in your area. BT and TalkTalk (YouView) boxes should automatically retune to whichever channels are available in your area.

I have Sky/Freesat/Virgin Media. Does this affect me?