BT triggers March price rise

BT confirms March price rise in line with inflation. But TV price rises won't take place until later in the year.

It's part of BT's current pricing policy that affects new customers and existing ones that re-contract with BT, which links annual price increases with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation as recorded at the beginning of each year. Therefore, this year's BT standard price rise will be 1.3%.

Under the terms of the price rise, mobile and broadband customers who signed up or re-contracted on or after 17th January 2020 will receive their first CPI price rise in March 2021. Mobile and broadband customers who signed up or re-contracted between 11th January 2019 and 16th January 2020, will receive their first CPI price rise next month (March 2020).

Price changes for its TV services, including BT Sport, are excluded from the annual CPI-based rise and will be announced later in the year.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Sky is also preparing to increase some of its prices, with some TV and broadband packages going up in April, and some landline charges increasing in May, although the exact amounts were to be confirmed.

If you are a BT customer, you'll get an email detailing any changes that will affect you. With so many introductory and retention deals, there will be variations in how the changes will affect each customer.

As the annual rises now form part of the contract, customers can't use the old Ofcom rule which allowed them to leave penalty free if prices changed.

Update 18/2: BT has launched a new range of pay TV options and users switching to them will move to the new pricing structure. It is not clear how prices for those remaining on legacy packages will change just yet.