Showcase TV says it will be back soon after suspension

An image showing the logo of Showcase TV

Showcase TV says it will be back soon after having to suspend programmes at the end of January.

It follows financial difficulties at parent company Information TV, which also led to the downfall of sports channel Front Runner TV. Showcase was available on Sky 192 and Freesat 161.

Fight Network, which uses Showcase TV for a strand of programming has confirmed that the suspension of programmes is due to Showcase transitioning to a new capacity provider. Programmes are due to return to Sky on 6th February 2020. Separately, Showcase says it expects to return to Freesat in the coming weeks.

The channel offers niche broadcasters access to Sky and Freesat by enabling them to book blocks of time on the channel. Some programme blocks have later turned into full-time channels. But during 2019 Information TV encountered financial difficulties following its acquisition by the now collapsed care home provider Carlauren Group Ltd.