BBC streamlines news programmes as virus outbreak continues

As the lockdown continues, the BBC is consolidating its operations from Monday.

Newsnight is moving to 10:45pm on BBC Two. The 15 minute delay means the programme can now be broadcast from the same studio as the BBC News at 10, allowing the normal Newsnight studio to be taken out of action. This will reduce the number of people required to keep services running.

At the other end of the day, regional news bulletins during BBC Breakfast are being suspended from Monday in a further step to simplify operations.

The changes mean the BBC can run its service with fewer staff, allowing staff to stay at home and improve social distancing at its workplaces. There's also more staff available on standby to cover remaining operations, should the current crews be required to self-isolate.

The BBC moved to a cutdown core service last week, removing branded programme slots on the BBC News Channel and BBC World News, replacing them with a simplified rolling news service. Breakfast and lunchtime regional news in London and the South East had already been merged into a pan-regional service.  ITV has also streamlined its morning service, with 4 hours of Good Morning Britain. Sky News has also made changes to its output to ensure business continuity.