Coronavirus: Swiss contemplate restricting Netflix

What happens when too many people start streaming? One country has just found out:

Switzerland is struggling under Coronavirus lockdown. The network of Swisscom is facing unprecedented demand from users streaming content from Netflix and others.

As a result, the Swiss Federal Council and Swisscom have advised residents to use the services of the communications companies "cautiously" and "sensibly", referring primarily to consumption-intensive applications such as video transmissions and streams.

And Swiss authorities are even contemplating a last resort measure to stop access to such streaming services to maintain network access for essential activities, according to Swiss newspaper Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung.

Compared to other European countries, the Swiss are more reliant on the net for TV - the country was the first to switch of its national digital terrestrial television network as a result of a high concentration of viewers that had ditched terrestrial TV in favour of internet and cable TV services, thanks to the high penetration of fibre broadband connections.