All 4 brings back Scrubs

Once a mainstay of E4's schedule, Channel 4 has snapped up all nine series of Scrubs for its online service All 4.

The deal comes into effect on 1st May following an agreement with The Walt Disney Company and the latest such deal to see content go exclusively to a streaming service.

Scrubs follows the life of intern John Dorian (Zach Braff) as he starts his medical career at Sacred Heart Hospital, which is bursting with eccentric staff and patients. His experiences and encounters with the people around him teach him about the profession, friendship and life.

Comprising 182 episodes spread across nine seasons, Scrubs has become a cult-classic for many and in 2021 will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Nick Lee, Head of Series Acquisitions said:
It’s very exciting that we get to revive a past gem of Channel 4’s programming as Scrubs comes in its entirety to All 4. It will be the first time all nine seasons have been available on All 4, so we can’t wait to relive some of the show’s best moments and have the theme tune ‘I’m No Superman’ going through our heads for the next few months!

While Channel 4 has been working to get much of its archive content on All 4, the task of bringing back imported series is more complex due to broadcasting rights issues.