Freeview reception: No need to retune this Easter

Freeview viewers shouldn't retune if TV reception trouble occurs over Easter and beyond.

Atmospheric conditions over the Easter weekend and beyond are expected to cause some localised terrestrial TV reception problems around the British Isles, especially in coastal and later northern parts of the country.

It's a result of so-called tropospheric ducting that makes TV signals travel further under certain weather conditions, increasing the likelihood of interference.

The BBC has advised viewers that there is "nothing you can do but wait until the weather changes. You should not re-tune your television when this happens." Satellite, cable and internet TV services are not affected.

With all Freeview frequency changes scheduled for April on pause, and non-critical transmitter work suspended at the moment, there's currently no reason why viewers need to retune if their reception fails over Easter.

Next week, on the 15th April, there are minor channel changes taking place as a result of shopping channel Create & Craft moving to channel 95. For viewers whose TVs do not automatically adjust channel numbers and where they are unable to seek help from a local TV installer due to self-isolation or due to social distancing concerns, this is a non-essential retune and can be left to a later time.

As reported last month, further Freeview channel changes in North West England and the Isle of Man have been postponed, until it's possible for viewer support to visit individuals and help with retuning and new aerial installations.