BBC relaunches education service to help locked-down pupils and students

Educational programmes for children affected by the UK-wide closure of schools will be broadcast across the BBC.

Schools TV is back - what was once a regular feature on TV schedules is returning to the BBC's national services on what would have been the first day of the summer term - 20th April - had schools not have been closed

The service is being called "BBC Bitesize Daily". Familiar faces such as Karim Zeroual, Oti Mabuse and Katie Thistleton will be part of Bitesize Daily which will be filmed in Match Of The Day’s studio in Salford during the 14 weeks this service will be in operation.

Which channels / services will show the programmes?

BBC Bitesize Daily will deliver learning programmes on BBC iPlayer, BBC Red Button (RB 1), BBC Four, BBC Bitesize website and app, plus audio content on BBC Sounds. The BBC Scotland channel has already launched its service.

How the new service will work

The BBC says all content will be divided into age groups for all primary and secondary school age groups. After watching the 20 min programme on BBC iPlayer or BBC Red Button relevant to the child’s age, parents "will be directed to the resources available that day for that child on BBC Bitesize online. BBC Bitesize online will home a new Maths and English lesson for every child every day with more subjects to follow. "

What about GCSE or A-level students?

Content will be shown every weeknight on BBC Four, with a new block of programming being introduced.

The channel will bring back premium factual programmes presented by some of Britain’s most authoritative voices on Science and History. 

For students studying Science, programmes of interest for them include 
  • Pain, Pus & Poison, 
  • Chemistry: A Volatile History, 
  • Blood & Guts: A History of Surgery 
  • Shock & Awe: The Story of Electricity. 
And for students of History, highlighted programmes include 
  • Mary Beard’s Meet the Romans, 
  • Michael Wood’s Story of England, 
  • Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain
  • Tunes For Tyrants.

Support for parents

To assist parents of primary and secondary school children, two brand new daily education podcasts will be available on BBC Sounds. Each episode will last just 10 minutes and aim to serve as a guide to help families find content on the BBC to support their children's education and wellbeing.

In the nations...

With Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland having their own school curriculum, BBC services in the nations will host their own content.

The BBC Scotland TV channel has already launched its weekday educational service and it will continue to show up to 2 hours a day of schools programming relevant to the Scottish curriculum after Easter, starting at 10am. BBC Alba will also screen a "learning collection", to be shown daily on the channel.

BBC Northern Ireland will make content available on the iPlayer.

BBC Wales is set to offer content in English and Welsh via the BBC Bitesize website and iPlayer. Full details of the provision in Wales is to be confirmed.