How to find BBC Schools TV programmes

The BBC turns red button stream into a temporary learning channel.

As schools across the country remain closed, the Red Button ditched its usual music and sport output for a new schedule, available on all main digital TV platforms.

BBC Red Button is displayed as BBC RB1 on most programme guides.

You can find it on:
  • Freeview 601
  • Sky 981
  • Freesat 981
  • Virgin 991
  • YouView (BT/TalkTalk) 601

On the BBC iPlayer, the content can be found on-demand in the "Bitesize Daily" section. Online, the BBC Bitesize website provides support and guidance on how to use the service at

At various points of the day, BBC Red Button is showing educational programming for different age groups for primary and secondary school children.

Then, in the evening, the service continues with a range of factual educational programmes, suitable for A-level students, including a number of former BBC Four documentaries.

In Scotland, content tailored for the Scottish school system is broadcast at 10am on the BBC Scotland TV channel, found north of the border on Freeview channel 9, Sky 115, Virgin 108 and Freesat 106. South of the border, BBC Scotland is on Sky 457, Virgin 162 and Freesat 108, but not on Freeview.

It's not the first time the BBC has operated a channel dedicated to learning: effectively the BBC has recreated a version of its now defunct BBC Knowledge channel, which between 1999 and 2002 provided viewers of various age groups with a range of educational programmes. Operated before the majority of people had switched to digital TV, it never had much of an impact and was replaced by the evening-only BBC Four service.