No box set binge: Virgin Media at epicentre of internet fail

Users locked out of streaming and other internet applications in major outage.

Frustration in lockdown Britain: customers of Virgin Media and some other internet providers have been encountering connectivity problems throughout Monday evening, putting an end to box set binges and Zoom meetings. It also affected Virgin Mobile customers on the EE network.

Additionally, users of internet service providers that link in to some of Virgin Media's infrastructure have also reported sporadic connectivity issues, according to various downtime monitors.

Some user reports suggest the problems have been occuring on an hourly cycle.

In an update issued on Tuesday morning, Virgin Media was unable to divulge much detail, saying the fault was either "caused by a spike in usage or a lack of network capacity".

In what has been a bad evening for internet connectivity across Europe, Vodafone confirmed that it also had technical issues earlier on affecting its German network causing more frustration for surfers and streamers alike.

  • Updated on Tuesday 28th April to incorporate an update from Virgin Media in the above text.