BBC World News retains Astra 19.2 HD channel

The BBC's international news channel will continue to be available in free-to-air HD across most of Europe.

Since April 2015, the BBC has broadcast BBC World News HD via the Astra 19.2°E satellite system to 88 million households across Europe.

A new agreement has now been signed between satellite operator SES and BBC Global News, meaning the service will continue to be broadcast via 19.2.

The Astra 19.2°E footprint covers continental Europe, plus the North African coast and can also technically be received in the UK and Ireland. Its main audiences are in western Europe, where it's either the primary or secondary satellite position for viewers in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

The BBC also transmits BBC World News in standard definition via the Eutelsat Hot Bird satellite at 13°E, which is the primary or secondary satellite position for viewers in Eastern Europe and Italy. A standard definition version of BBC World News on Astra 19.2 was removed in late 2017.

Chris Davies, EVP marketing and distribution for BBC Global News said:
This deal with SES is really important as it allows us to reliably reach widespread audiences across Western Europe. Amidst one of the biggest news stories of this generation, we're seeing unprecedented demand for quality journalism...

Ferdinand Kayser, CEO at SES added:
We are pleased to continue working with the BBC and to help bring high quality HD news to 88 million European households at a time when they need it the most.

Receiving BBC World News TV and BBC World Service radio via satellite... 

[footprint image: SES]