Lockdown confusion: Channel 4 opts to stay safe

Channel 4 has today activated a ‘Stay Safe’ digital on-screen graphic (DOG) to reflect a new phase of lockdown with different advisories in different parts of the UK.

It comes two days after the old "stay at home" graphic was removed.

It will be on screen during all Channel 4 programming across all its channels, as well as its marketing and social channels. It's aimed to strike a balance between stay at home messages in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the Stay Alert advisory applicable in England.

Zaid Al-Qassab, Chief Marketing Officer at Channel 4 said:
As we enter the next phase of this crisis, we will continue to use our reach and trusted relationship with our audience to communicate important public health advice. Our core message over the coming weeks is to stay safe, which is consistent with advice across the UK, and audiences will begin to see this across the Channel 4 portfolio.