Mixed ITV performance; positive on BritBox and ITV Hub

Image showing the ITV logo

BBC News blamed for keeping viewers away from ITV's channel family; but BritBox UK is doing fine.

In its latest trading status for the stock market, ITV outlined how the current crisis was affecting its business.

While under lockdown, the main ITV channel has delivered its best quarter since 2009, with its share of viewing at 17.9%.

But the share of viewing across the ITV family of channels was down 2% at 23.6%. ITV told investors that this downturn was "partly impacted by the volume of the BBC's news output". 

The BBC is currently broadcasting news on one of its main two channels between around 1am through to 1:45pm, plus for around three hours in the late afternoon and early evening, including coverage of Government's daily briefing.

Meanwhile, ITV was upbeat about BritBox UK - while not providing numbers, it said it was seeing "good growth" in users taking a free trial and subscribing. It also confirmed the service would officially arrive on Freeview Play "shortly". Many smart TVs that support Freeview Play have already seen the BritBox app added to the device's app tray or app store.

ITV was equally upbeat about its the ITV Hub service, which recorded a 13% year-on-year growth of the number of registered accounts for the service.

Taking the first three months of 2020 into consideration, online viewing on the ITV Hub was up 75%, while simulcast viewing up 112%.