Sky Factual Relaunch on 27th May: your guide to the changes

As Sky relaunches its factual channels at the end of May 2020, Sky subscribers will need to get used to some new channel numbers.

Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature launch on the 27th May. At the same time, History and History 2 become Sky History and Sky History 2.

And as Sky is giving these channels prominent positons on Sky's channel list, SyFy, E!, Pick and Challenge are moving to new homes.

New Sky channel numbers

  • 114 - Sky Documentaries New from 27th May
  • 123 - Sky History moves from channel 130 on 26th May, rebrands 27th May.
  • 130 - Sky Nature New from 27th May
  • 151 - E! moves from 123 on 26th May
  • 152 - SyFy moves from 114 on 26th May
  • 159 - Pick moves from 152 on 26th May
  • 160 - Challenge moves from 151 on 26th May
  • 163 - Sky History 2 (196 in NI) Rebrands 27th May, no channel change, HD launch.

HD customers will see the HD version of the channels on the above number, with SD versions on 814 (Sky Documentaries), 893 (Nature), 825 (Sky History). But Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature will not offer a +1 channel.

At this stage, the full set of Sky factual channels are due to only appear on Sky and Now TV -  via the Entertainment Pass (also available through BT TV).