Temporary Freeview cut for Together TV

Together TV will run a reduced hours service on Freeview until 26th May 2020.

It's due to technical changes to the Freeview multiplex it is carried on starting next Wednesday, 13th May 2020. There will also be changes to 4Seven and 4Music on Freeview on that date.

During this time, Together TV will only be broadcast between 10pm and 3am on Freeview channel 88. Viewers in some parts of the country who can receive Together+1 on channel 89 will continue to be able to access the full schedule, albeit an hour later.

Sky, Virgin and Freesat viewers are unaffected.

  • Updated 24th May. Since this article was first published, it's been confirmed that the restoration of regular broadcast hours will now take place at noon on 26th May, not 2nd June, as was previously billed by the channel.